I luhhh her so much! Forever & always my #wcw

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I luhhh this girl so much!! 😍😍 forever and always my #wcw

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this is actually my favorite gif on tumblr

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When your girl mad at you…

Lmfao !

Lmao Woody understands me so well

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Self-inflicted arrow penetration of the heart (the patient lived).

How would you even do this?! Must have gibbon arms!

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I’m so tied if feeling like shit and feeling unwanted and being that one friend that’s always left out. I’m tired of people always hanging out with me when they need me and have no one else to turn to, but as soon as they feel better and find someone to hang out I’m the one needing someone and I’m not able to turn to anyone. I’m tired of all this bullshit.

2 months ago on @23: 43 pm
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